How To Play Drinking Card Games In Your Spare Time

2 person drinking card games

How To Play Drinking Card Games In Your Spare Time

What makes these types of drinking card games so fun is that there is always a good mix of luck and skill involved. The more people you have playing the game, the better the odds will be, since it’s a game of numbers. If you have a large group, you are going to get lucky with fewer “throws” of the card deck, and vice versa. Two people are usually seated at a table, facing each other, with both hands on a card. The person to your left will deal five cards to the person in the table across from him. Those five cards are revealed, and a person can replace them with another card from his hand or from the deck (otherwise known as flipping the card).

The object of the game is to be the first person to get the card from their opponent that matches the number they called out. In most 2 person card games, that means getting a card from their opponent that corresponds to a number they called out. In other words, in Texas Holdem you would call for a Deuce card, and your opponent would call for an Ace. If your opponent has that Deuce you have, you must either get an Ace or beat theirs by getting a card from them (Ace is a perfect match). Now, this is a lot of simple math, but the point is that it all boils down to the best of luck, or bad luck, whichever you prefer.

There are also many variant games that can be played. Some are more exact than the above. For example, in a standard game, if you draw a seven, you are done. However, in a rumble poker game, if you draw a six or five, you still have a chance to win, as those are considered the highest possible count.

Many 2 person card games, especially the Texas Holdem ones, have a limit – a number that both players must exceed before one is declared the winner. For example, in a game with two players, if either person ends up having four cards (two from each player), then one of the players has to lose. This is just to keep things fair.

The rules are simple enough. A person starts with three bids, and each bid has a price that may not be paid. Whoever has the highest bid gets the pot. Then, after someone has paid his/her final bid, another person drinks, and everyone else drinks. The last person to finish has to drink if there are any left, otherwise someone leaves and someone starts again.

All in all, card games are great fun for those people who do not want to sit around with friends all night or for those who want to have a little competition within their groups. It’s a way to have fun in a friendly way, and not have to worry about the other person getting drunk! If you want something that will truly bring out the competitive spirit in people, then consider a game of rummy chair or card games.